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Beautiful countryside

Time: July 10, 2020

Make bed and quilt, clean yard Chen Cheng worked in the B & B, and his work was skilled and organized. It is hard to believe that this is the second day of his employment. Liangjiazhuang village, surrounded by mountains, is located in Qingshui Town, the most western part of Mentougou District. The mountain road is rugged. It takes two and a half hours to get from the city to the village. After graduating from University, Chen Cheng has been working in a hotel in the city. Because of his long journey, he only returns to the village three or four times a year.

Liangjiazhuang village, surrounded by mountains, is located in Qingshui Town, the most western part of Mentougou District. The mountain road is rugged. It takes two and a half hours to get from the city to the village. After graduating from University, Chen Cheng has been working in a hotel in the city. Because of his long journey, he only returns to the village three or four times a year.

What changed his mind was the changes in the village in the past two years. After in-depth investigation, the state-owned assets company of Beijing has worked out a new way for liangjiazhuang village to rely on green water and green mountains, take industry as the leading role, drive the upgrading of industrial structure, fully employ the villagers and get rid of the low-income to get rich.

After more than two years of reconstruction, construction and operation, liangjiazhuang village has undergone earth shaking changes. The dilapidated and dilapidated dilapidated and dilapidated dilapidated houses have been transformed into neat and chic boutique B & B rooms with simple and quiet, one courtyard and one scene, and become a "Internet red" punch in place. The roads in the village are paved with brand-new stone slabs, flower beds are built on the roadside, and red lanterns are hung up.

After her son came to work, she hoped that her son could start working in the hotel. "Work is my familiar field. I'm close to home. I earn no less than in the city. I have the opportunity to learn management. I'll come back," Chen Cheng nodded firmly. "I planned to work next month. As a result, the home stay is full every day these days of the Dragon Boat Festival. It's too short of staff, so I joined the job ahead of time."

During the Dragon Boat Festival, 17 courtyards received more than 360 guests. The guests who enjoy the high quality service have made 5 points of high praise on the reservation platform, and the catering industry has also won unanimous praise.




"The house is now being built. It's covered with dirt." Uncle Qinghuai pulled off his work gloves and dusted his trousers. He laughed sheepishly.

Uncle Qinghuai, 68, is a 30-year-old coal miner. After the closure of the town's coal mine in 2011, uncle Qinghuai lost his job and could only earn some money by doing odd jobs for the village. His annual income was less than 10000 yuan. "Think about me before..." At this point, uncle Qinghuai turned his face to choke.

The experience of Uncle Qinghuai is not uncommon in liangjiazhuang village. It is understood that most of the labor force in liangjiazhuang village works in the coal mine. After the closure of coal mines and the withdrawal of breeding industry, most of the income sources of villagers were cut off. In the year of 2018, Liangzhuang village is still famous for its low income.

With the development of the assistance work, everything has a turning point. Beijing state owned assets company has precisely formulated the assistance plan to promote the sustainable economic development of liangjiazhuang village by developing high-end home stay industry, invigorating idle farmhouses and integrating agricultural and forestry resources, developing rural tourism and promoting the sustainable economic development of liangjiazhuang village. Beikejian group, which undertakes the specific assistance work, gives full play to its own advantages in resources, industry, management and team. It has signed a project cooperation agreement with the collective economic organization of liangjiazhuang village for the comprehensive development and operation of high-end B & B in the village. It has invested 35 million yuan from Beijing state-owned assets Corporation to obtain idle residential houses through Mentougou rural property rights trading center The management right is to transform the idle houses in the hands of villagers into boutique B & B houses.

In this way, uncle Qinghuai and the heads of the other 16 houses became the first "landlords" of Chuangyi rural residence. If the idle courtyard is rented out, the villagers of the first phase of B & B can earn 429000 yuan rent in the first three years, and then the rent will increase by 10% every five years. The villagers can directly taste the sweetness of the development of B & B.

For uncle Qinghuai, the annual housing rental income of 36000 yuan accounts for 60% of the annual income, and the living burden has been reduced a lot. "No one living in the house can still make money," Uncle Qinghuai's eyes smile into two crescent moon, "our own family also has money to build a new house."

In the second half of last year, the first phase of B & B was put into trial operation, with an income of 350000 yuan in that year. In addition, with the help of the Academy of agricultural and Forestry Sciences, liangjiazhuang village has actively developed agriculture and forestry industry, and 90 mu of Alpine asparagus have been exported to Japan. In 2019, the total income of the village collective economy is 1.208 million yuan, and the whole village is on the "fast track" of becoming rich.

In another courtyard, elder sister sun Rongxing has finished cleaning and is waiting for the next batch of guests. She is suffering from the malaise of the village. She has no ability to work with her husband for many years. In order to support her family, sister sun often has to go to Xiufang a few kilometers away to make handicrafts. She can only earn dozens of yuan by working for several hours. Steamed bread and pickled vegetables are a lunch. In the previous two years, there were 82 households and 137 people in the village, accounting for 30% of the total population of the village.

At that time, she said, her biggest wish was to have a stable job. Besides treating her wife and children, she could improve her life.

Big sister sun's wish comes true in 2019. After understanding the situation, beikejian project team hired low-income villagers like sister sun. After pre job training, sister sun turned into a smart housekeeper. Change the bed sheet, quilt cover and pillow core in 5 minutes, and fold the bath towel into a lifelike animal This set of "unique work" has become the "skill" of elder sister sun, and has also given her a stable source of income.

By the end of June 2019, liangjiazhuang village has achieved the goal of "removing the hat" of low-income villages half a year ahead of schedule, and all the low-income households and low-income population in the village have been steadily reduced.

"Now every year my family can get a subsidy to help the disabled, which reduces the pressure on my wife's treatment," she said, smiling as she placed the petals on the "Swan" that had just been folded. "I'm very satisfied that I can take care of my old wife's children when I earn more money at home."



Li Zhigang, a painter in the village, came to the village for his health. A month ago, at the invitation of beikejian group, he came to the village. The clean and quiet village brought him a great deal of inspiration. "The renovation of the village has brought economic benefits to the villagers. How can the spiritual and cultural life of the villagers be enriched?" Therefore, he decided to carry out cultural wall painting in liangjiazhuang village and led the team to the village to create murals.

The theme of "the village around the mountain" is called "the scenery around the mountain" Li Zhigang's paintings are introduced to and from the village. According to the local culture of the village, he has been discussing with the villagers about the painting features.

"One wall, one landscape". In half a month, the white wall of the village turned into a canvas, presenting 20 exquisite paintings. It has not only become a cultural landscape in the construction of beautiful countryside, but also attracted the praise of villagers. It can also stimulate the creativity and cohesion of villagers, and show the effect of cultural assistance. "Many villagers often ask us if we can paint a picture outside his home wall. I think this is recognition of our creation."

"Precise help first, wisdom first", cultural assistance has always been one of the focuses of Beijing state-owned assets company's assistance to liangjiazhuang village.

At the beginning of this year, Beijing state owned assets Corporation integrated its Winter Olympic resources and jointly launched the "join hands in the future" at the second "meet 2022" ice and snow Cultural Festival with Beijing women and children development foundation More than 300 primary and secondary school students from low-income villages in remote areas, including Qingshui Town, were invited to experience the ice and snow sports, lighten the children's dream of ice and snow, spread the Olympic culture, and boost "300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports".

Jiao Yiqi is a cadre of beikejian group stationed in Chuangyi township of liangjiazhuang village, responsible for the construction and management of B & B. Two years after he came to liangjiazhuang village, Jiao Yiqi has become a part of the village. What are the villagers' situations and difficulties? Which uncle and elder sister's life has been improved with the help of the B & B industry. He is like a treasure, but the time he spends with his family every year is very few.

"When B & B is busiest, I have to help the restaurant deliver food to the guests while I deal with the management work. It takes more than 30000 steps a day." She devoted herself wholeheartedly to the helping work, and the reward after hard work made Jiao Yiqi very proud of her career.

"Look at my complexion, I'm going to do as the Romans do." Jiao Yiqi lifted up her sleeves, and her tanned skin was in sharp contrast to her covered arm.

"This is the party activity center donated by our state-owned assets company," Jiao Yiqi introduced the most prominent building in the village. Party building guidance is a major feature of Beijing state owned assets Corporation's counterpart assistance to liangjiazhuang village. The company donated a party member activity center for liangjiazhuang village with a party fee of 1 million yuan. The party building propaganda room, village history exhibition room and Party member activity room are all available. While meeting the training and learning of village Party members and villagers, it provides a position for Party building to lead liangjiazhuang village to get rid of low-level work.

On July 1, 2019, Jiao Yiqi and all the party members of liangjiazhuang village celebrated an unforgettable party building day - the Party member activity center was officially put into use, and the first liangjiazhuang village Party member meeting was held here.

With the "base areas", the assistance work will be carried out more smoothly. Beijing state owned assets Corporation (SASAC) has gathered resources from all parties in the system and implemented various assistance work in combination with the actual situation of the village. The subordinate party branches and the liangjiazhuang village Party branch have carried out theme party day co construction activities in different forms, which has played a collaborative role in ensuring the precise "de low" of liangjiazhuang village.

        Since the outbreak of Xinguan epidemic, the Party committee of Beijing state owned assets Corporation has been paying close attention to the people of liangjiazhuang village while paying attention to the enterprise prevention and control work. It has communicated with the village leaders and village cadres for many times, donated epidemic prevention materials for the village, solved the urgent need of epidemic prevention and control materials, and provided powerful support for liangjiazhuang village to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control and do a good job in resuming production support.

        "When it comes to" qiguozhuang ", we will be able to cultivate more than a dozen people in Qiguo village, and we will be able to test the success of the program